“Flopocalips”: A Freestyle [Transcript]

Imma freakin gangsta never swayed by the haters

And I got drugs up the wazoo (and I do mean anally)

More hoes than a farmer, more bitches than a dog park

If I’m an ass, you’re a baby’s head, but the soft part

I got so many guns back at my house

I haveta store em everywhere: in my underwear, my bitches’ blouse

I got an AK in my nasal cavity

You have no idea how bad it’ll be if I sneeze and now I WANT IT OUTTA ME

Achoo BOOM, A-choo BOOM

You chew shrooms? Yeah, how cool but I snort bullets faster than you can move

Also, I’m suffering from a little internal bleeding and brain dam—[collapses]


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