Walking Dead Game Season 3 Script LEAKED!!!

For the first time ever in the history of all everythings, a company has had information on it’s products leaked. Namely, an excerpt from a first draft script for The Walking Dead Game, Season 3. In response, the CEO of Telltale had this to say:


Being comprised of responsible journalists, Every Gaming Site Ever has decided to share this leak. In a shocking and brilliant twist, the leak reveals that Kenny has apparently survived (again), though this excerpt appears to be set well after this reveal, presumably an episode or two into the season. The excerpt goes as follows (SPOILER WARNING!).

Clementine and the rest of the group (Kenny, Marge, Marge’s Baby, Oscar, and Clementine) run into the Break Room and lock the door behind them as the entire school is flooded with Walkers. There are no windows or other doors.

Kenny: Shit, there’s no fuckin’ way out!
Clementine: Don’t worry, the door seems really strong. I don’t think they even saw us. They’ll wander off eventually.
Kenny: But how the fuck long will that take? We don’t have any fuckin’ food with us! We’ll starve, for fuck’s sake!
Clementine: It should only take a few minutes.
Marge: I agree. It shouldn’t take long.

Kenny turns to eye Marge, then looks down to eye the baby held in Marge‘s arms. He licks his lips.

Kenny: We have to eat the baby.


Marge: What? No!
Kenny: We have no fuckin choice, goddamit! We have to eat the fuckin baby! Gestures towards the napkin holder on the table. We can light these napkins up and cook it real thorough-like–
Clementine: Kenny–
Kenny: YOU shut the fuck up, Clementine! I’m gettin’ real sick and fuckin’ tired of havin’ to make all the tough fuckin’ choices around here! Especially with you always tryna fuckin stab me in the fuckin’ back like this! Ffffffuck!
Oscar: [Panicked] Can’t we just give it a little more time?
Kenny: There is no more fuckin’ time, goddamit! Look around you! Do you see any time? No? You know why? Cause there is no more fuckin’ time, goddamit!
Clementine: Looks Around. But what about the vending machines–
Kenny: Stop fuckin’ tryna fuckin change fuckin’ the fuckin’ subject, fuckin’ Clemen-fuckin’-tine! We have to do something about this, NOW!
Marge: [Crying] No! I won’t let you do it!
Kenny: Then I have no choice! Pulls out gun.

Oscar sees this and audibly shits himself.

Clementine: Kenny, PLEEASE!
Oscar: Sighs. He’s right, Clem.
Clementine: What? No!
Oscar: [Resigned] There’s no other way. We have to eat the baby.
Kenny: Exactly! It’s the baby or all of us!
Clementine: I–
Kenny: There ARE no good choices, Clem! It’s kill everyone or eat the baby! Now choose!
Marge: [Sobbing Loudly] What a dilemma!

Kenny‘s grip on the gun slips and it flies through the air, landing between Kenny and Clementine.

Kenny: Shit!

Kenny runs for the gun as time slows down for the player.



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