MEDVICE Quickie: Too Much Candy?

Halloween is over, and I no longer have to listen to the spirit of my alcoholic stepmother haunting the wine cellar. I do, however, find myself periodically puking blood and razor blade fragments whilst the room begins to spin, which might make one wonder: “Did I eat too much candy”?

Step One: Identify the Symptoms

First off as a quick heads up, sorry if I maek a few mistakes, my head feels like its about to explodpmmkadjjR oh god i just shit myself. its everywhere


Step Two: Do a Little Exercise

cant move. colapsed over keyboard, pecking keys with nose. send help

Step Three: Eat Some Protein

been here 2 days. swallowing puke keeps me from starvng. tell susanne i love her. the things with erica frances hillary may veronica and karen never meant anything. dont tell her about the puke eating tho

Step Four: Rest!



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